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                                        Book Title                                                                           Author


         Not Created to Break                                                                   Alisa D. Boyd

         Memoir from a Glass Rose                                                          April M. Laland

         A Man and His Car                                                                        Felix Vialet, Jr.

         The Village in Me                                                                           Thelma Campbell

         Salient Lessons of Life                                                                  Udo Ekpo

         From Frustration to Family                                                          Anita Clay

         Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder                                                   James Lamar Franklin

         If Only:  How Poor Choices Landed Me in Prison                     Arthur Jones, Jr.

         Ain't God Alright                                                                             Rev. Dr. Andrew Bullard Jr.

         The Lou Walker Sr. Ctr Writers: An Anthology, Vol. 1               Lou Walker's Writers Guild

         The Lou Walker Sr. Ctr Writers: An Anthology, Vol. 2               Lou Walker's Writers Guild

         Trips and Moments Through Life                                                Diane Jone-Norris

         The Puzzles of Past & Present Generations:

             The Curney Family                                                                      Diane Jones-Norris

         Sowing Seeds of Greatness                                                           Judge Ruby Thomas

         Blessing Before Praise                                                                   Charlie Holiday-Wilson

         What Happened to My Son: A Man of Many Talents                Alverdia Fields

         How I Got Out of the Cotton Fields                                             Dr. Raymon Crawford

         Breaking the Invisible Chains                                                       Marsha Hawkins

         I Stand Affirmed                                                                             Keesha Nichols

         Dreams, Hopes & Possibilities                                                     Paula Smith Broadnax

         Drive-Thru Parenting                                                                     Judge Ruby Thomas

         Unsung Heroes of Wilkes County, Georgia                                Edward M. Anderson Sr.

         Beginning Anew                                                                              Alice J. (Pointer) Kirk

         Sea of Life                                                                                        Lou Walker's Writers Guild

         Scriptures for Those Uncertain Times                                        Bishop Osborne J. Giles, Sr.

         To God Be the Glory                                                                       Willie M. Yeargin

         My Story:  An African American Woman's Journey

             to the Mission Field                                                                    G. Kathryn Anderson

         On Jordan Stormy Banks                                                               Rev. Andrew Bullard

         Fifty Years Later: The West Charlotte Senior High

             School Class of 1964                                                                  Edward M. Anderson, Sr.

         My Childhood Memories                                                              Dr. Joan W. Johnson

         My Mom and Her Four Sisters:  The Breaking of 

             Generational Curses                                                                  Tiffany D. Giles

         Let Me Tell It                                                                                    Ernest Holsendolph

         Falling Leaves                                                                                  Jennifer Bennett

         RESTORATION: My God and My Car                                            James Knight

         Yahweh (God) Broke the Devil's Chains                                      Louise Dates

         Seriously Called                                                                              Dianna Jackson-Reid

         My Memoir                                                                                      Jennifer Bennett

         Final Keys to Achieving Your Purpose                                         Rev. Antoine Geffrard

         The Mind of a Foster Child                                                            Lisa Marie Harris

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